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Small Groups for Spiritual Growth

Small Groups

“Small Groups” may sound generic, but they mean something very specific at Westminster: An intentional face-to-face gathering of 10 or fewer people on a regular time schedule with the common purpose of building relationships with each other and God.


Small Groups provide:

  • A place to know and be known in a supportive environment (beyond family or work)
  • A place to explore with others how to integrate what we believe with what we do.
  • A supportive environment for struggle, change and decision

Small Groups accomplish this by:

  • Meeting about twice a month
  • Discussing books, articles, or movies of substance
  • Doing lots of talking and listening
  • Sharing refreshments
  • Offering prayer and support
  • Engaging in service projects

The books, the projects, and the structure of each group are determined by its members and its lay leader (not a pastor). We currently have 12 Small Groups (8 of which are described below); each one is quite unique.  Some have been meeting for as long as 12 years; others have just started. New ones can be formed at any time. Just e-mail Denise Weaver if you are interested.



Our focus is three-fold: spending quality time at each meeting in sharing, study discussion, and prayer. We enjoy reading our study book together and meeting at least twice a year for a potluck and dining out.

Meetings: Meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month,
September through May
Contact: Ruth Neely


Primarily a fellowship group for the past 20 years, we meet in member's homes. There is also an annual retreat in September to recommit to each other.

We completed our  annual “Re-Covenanting” meeting on October 7.  We followed the “7 C’s for Healthly Small Groups” document. 

Meetings: Meets on the first and third Saturday of each month. On months with five Saturdays, we splurge and meet for breakfast at a local eatery.
Contact: John W. Ey

Some Westminster Men
This group's focus is relationship building and support. We enjoy conversing about things that matter to us - books or articles we've recently read, sermons, current events, personal challenges, our life together at Westminster.

Meetings: Every other Tuesday morning.
Contact: Bob Knechel

Westminster Men's Reading Group
We enjoy reading books on various topics such as religion, economics, history, biography, psychology and social psychology, politics, legal issues, science, medicine, and social movements.

Meetings: Monthly
Contact: Bill Lewis

Learn more about Westminster Men's Reading Group.


Currently at full membership, we study books, essays and sermons, prepare for service projects, and for fellowship.

Last year we especially enjoyed our discussion of The Road to Character by David Brooks. Our service projects include helping with requests from W.I.S.E and the Mission Arts and Crafts sale during Advent.

Meetings: Twice monthly, on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays at members' homes.
Contact: Laurie Leach

Focusing on study and prayer, this group selects a theme, book, or movie  to concentrate on for each quarter. Meetings can include invited speakers, and usually take place in members' homes.

Meetings: Twice monthly, on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays, Sept-May.
Contact: Sarah Sessions

We concentrate on studying books to learn more about our faith and also on prayer practices to enrich our prayer life. This year we are doing The Four Agreements (Ruiz), and The Friendship of Women – Hidden Tradition of the Bible (Chittister), as well as 2 movies – Philomena and the Way.

Meetings: Twice monthly, on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays at church. (Sept-Nov, Jan-June)
Contact: Kathryn Lake

We are a group of busy and active women, with many of us involved in numerous activities at Westminster.  Our time is spent in sharing, study, and prayer. We meet on the 4th Wednesday of each month, except for November and December, when we meet to do cookies for the annual Cookie Walk at a date prior to that event.

This year, each of us is choosing a favorite book to have the entire group read. The books that have been selected represent a variety of genres, but what is particularly fun and meaningful is that no matter what the topic, theme, or message, we have been able to use it to explore some aspect of our spiritual growth and understanding.   

Meetings: 4th Wednesday of each month
Contact: Vail McGuire

Small Group Weibel consists of women ranging in age from their 30s through their 60s. We start and end each gathering with prayer and open with a devotional or reading as well. We often do a study or read a book of interest, but sometimes we let the Holy Spirit take control and see where things go. We are always open to having new people join our group.

Meetings: Twice monthly, usually the second and fourth Wednesdays.
Contact: Elizabeth Weibel

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