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Adult Education

Adult Education


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Term 4 classes begin this Sunday, January 22.

Imagining Jesus: Our Earliest Recollections
Dr. David L. Barr (Chapel)

Earliest Christianity faced the dilemma of understanding the significance of Jesus’ life and death, which would eventually be worked out in complicated theological formulations. But before theology, there was story. Or, more accurately, there were stories. These stories never lost touch with the facts of the historical Jesus, but those facts were never enough to explain him. Out of the facts came story. We will examine five of the most influential stories developed in the decades between 50 and 100 CE: three from the Gospels (Mark, Matthew, and John), one from Paul, and one from the Apocalypse.  On January 22 the topic will be The Martyr: The Story of the Gospel of Mark.

On Kugel: How to Read the Bible
Dr. Richard Baker (West Parlor) 

James L. Kugel’s book, How to Read the Bible: A Guide to Scripture Then and Now, was good enough to make The Onion get serious, if only for a minute or two. The usually satirical news organization called Kugel’s work “a breathtaking new look at the world’s most popular book.” Kugel, who for years taught Hebrew Bible at Harvard, has put the best of all his teaching between two covers. Join us for the ride.

Race, Religion, Romance: Three Concepts Unknown to Biblical Authors
Anthony LeDonne (203-205) 

Bible reading ought to be a cross-cultural experience. Part of being an informed reader of the Bible is knowing which concepts are native to the biblical cultures and which concepts we project onto the text. In this class we will explore three concepts that are integral to modern, western societies: race, religion, and romance. We will discuss how these concepts influence and shape us. At the same time, these are concepts that had not yet been invented in the cultures that produced the Bible. With this in mind, we will learn to read several biblical passages in a new light.


Bible 101
Every Thursday, 5:30-6:40 p.m.

co-led by Laurie Davis and Gene Saunders (West Parlor)

We will embark on the New Testament, guided by the book The Bible from Scratch: The New Testament for Beginners by Donald L. Griggs. Perhaps this is the year you would like to become biblically literate or develop a deeper fluency. If so, this is the class for you. In this biblical survey course, no prior biblical knowledge is assumed, no question is too basic, grace is extended to the unprepared, and every attempt at humor is appreciated. Newcomers are always welcome. The Bible from Scratch can be purchased at the class for $10.00.

Drop-ins are always welcome at all of our Adult Education classes.
No prior preparation expected.






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