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Adult Education


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Adult Education Classes

Continuing through November 24
Have you considered my servant Job? taught by Richard Baker and Gene Saunders (West Parlor).  “Have you considered my servant Job?” So asks God in the opening chapters of the Book of Job.  And through the centuries, many, many readers have considered Job: his suffering, his integrity, his so-called comforters, his piety and lack thereof, and ultimately, the answer he receives from God and his response to it.  So many people have considered Job because his story is our story, and his question is our question.  As we experience a world of loss, pain, and suffering—and as we ourselves experience loss, pain, and suffering—we ask, “Where is God in all this?”  “Has God abandoned us?”  “Is God against us?”  Those are Job’s questions. 

Faith and Science Intersection, taught by Vail McGuire and JD Whitlock. (Library).

Continuing through November 17
A Companionable Way, taught by Lisa Hess (Chapel). How may we meet across expectation and custom, traditions and no traditions at all? Does “We the People” mean anything to us anymore?  If so, what does it look like, sound like, even taste like, to root deeply into our historical Christian faith and find ourselves in new friendships, new invitations, learning peaceable living together?  This four-week offering explores the fruits of a 15-year non-linear, intuitive, and invitational journey of spiritual friendships within and across religious traditions (and none). We will examine recent scholarship to make sense of a companionable way and explore its circle-way of gathering and making decisions toward living more deeply into faith in today’s divisive, highly polarizing, and toxic environments.  Fields of inquiry contributing to our sessions will include classical Christian theology, interreligious-intercultural learning, the Conscious Feminine for both women and men, and the ‘circle-way,’ an archetypal and ancient way of gathering as human beings where every voice matters, each voice is equal, and the presumption of goodwill holds the space for new ways of learning, being, and leading.





Faith and Civic Life 2019 Lecture
presented by Rabbi Judith Schindler







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